Whom Shall I Fear?


Post adolescence, pre-adulthood

Higher level indoctrination

The “ologies” enlightened commodities

Collegiate defined eulogies autobiographed by scholars

One inch of opportunity, three feet of debt

Father, forgive our debts and our debtors

There is a blinded eye only on one thing…

Living the Whitman’s Sampler,

so why not take life by the handful?

Gluttony --

Not necessarily hungry monsters looking to feed our bellies,

or blood-thirsty zombies ironically aimlessly targeting brains --

But the lust of indulgence.

Hedonistic and covetous.

But with one eye covered the truth cannot be discovered

Only half-truths

Testified by false deities and prophets that follow to esteem the blaspheme…

Life is but a dream,

[And] this American nightmare is a well shaped reverie,

Built with the tainted mud that holds our foundations

So only the quaking and ravaging of judgment can shake off the hypnosis

Land of the Free, but I’m comatose

Fighting temptation fed spoon by spoon

In a nation marvelling at Superman, Ironman, Thor -- but the Savior cometh soon…

Monsters hid in the dark, shape-shifting clothes in the closet

Culture turned the other cheek and cheek to cheek these monsters grin at our children.

Predictive programming, these monsters will be cheek to cheek with our children

Until faces blur in school photos and uniforms will ascend above collarbones

Whom shall I fear in my home?

Gregorian time tells 2,014 years after my Lord’s crucifixion

Orwellian time told 30 years in difference

Holiday seasons flourish with shopping carts yielding 6 foot span LCD monitors

A secret older sibling with an occupation as a puppetmaster ---

Among other career titles ---

Spectating at your speculation, soon to destroy your situations

And feed off of the energy of your lamenting, groaning and blood curdling cries

To subside the knowledge of his teeth gnashing, weeping and moaning demise...


Whom shall I fear in my life?

When even in the darkness there still is a shine,

A gift --

long suppressed cus we're subconsciously oppressed --

Given by a host far bigger than the gods we subconsciously build ourselves to be

(For we tend to worry if we can't save ourselves,

And we tend to fret if our plans go awry);

But we are not the author of our lives

Just the protagonist,

And though the antagonist is wily

An adversary simultaneously more frigid than an arctic tundra

but sultrier than hell fire,

who will you fear in your life?

I am protected and sealed with a flaming shield of faith

with a whole armor of trust, my fears are cast away

through my God --

the highest power --

who gives me light in the darkest hour.




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