Don't Lose Faith

It's time to let go and let God, literally

you're blind without faith

cause it's the source in which you see,

it leads your intuition and utilizes ambition,

faith creates an image so we can imitate Jesus,

and without it, it's impossible to please Him,

as soon as you lose faith,

you'll see how much you really need Him,

you're called to reach the lost,

and one of the few chosen to lead them,

faith led israelites to freedom,

it's by faith we'll fill the kingdom,

but see faith without deeds

means believing without action

its like you got clips in your gun

but you never blast it,

God don't move on your behalf

now you asking Him "what's happening"

but why you on your knees shedding tears,

see satan's laughing,

that fire that was ignited within and filled with passion

been fueled with rage as satan engaged through sin's passage,

that access was too easily permitted,

repent and please turn against it,

you only lost your faith because you never gained commitment,

in your heart you know He's real but you're feeling so unsure,

I know you're losing faith, I encourage you to endure

your heart is trapped and wrapped up in sin its impure

but though our hearts been harden God can soften up the core

see we're plagued with the disease when our pride arrives at the door

then urgently through surgery, God restores us with his cure

when we're faithless He's still faithful,

He loves us forever more,

brothers and sisters don't lose faith

cause its your source unto Lord

God help us 


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