Christmas Crowd

He wipes the dust of his Bible in times of need.

Eats the bread cause he's hungry.

Hungry because he plants the seed so God can see he still believes.

He confesses he's sorry he's never seen

In Church

Where he would just get on his knees and pray for the help he seeks.

And now the tears roll down his cheeks.

Maybe god is there,

but he's not faithful when his prayers go unanswered.

He just complains that life is so unfair.

Loses his god damn mind.

He always cries but ignores all the good in his life.

How many times did that blessing come in disguise,

just so he can find something deeper behind the drama,

and find new meaning, deprivng himself of the bad he sees,

And stop leaving that seat next to his worrying mother empty?

She's concerned for his health, but he's too focussed on his wealth.

Self-made but doesn't pay tribute to the blessing he's been given,

and he keeps his face in stealth mode, and right from the get-go

his belief lasts at best a few weeks.

And now the tears roll down his cheeks

When things don't go his way.

It's not his fault, so he returns to the very place he's been avoiding on good days.

You don't wanna listen to me?

You don't care what I think, or who I'm trying to be?

He's gonna show god what he's all about

Look how serious he is with the pistol in his mouth.

I'll open my thoughts, paint the wall with what comes out.

Good and bad are sprinkled everywhere, you choose what you want to see.

To find this doesn't require constant searching.

Don't only acknowledge the bad it makes you weak.

He did this, knowing that eventually

tears and blood would be drying on his cheeks.




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Our world


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