A Time For Faith

He calls them all

Into The Throne Room

The Breezes, the Winds, the Whirlwinds

Ready they come

He tells them His plans

Sends them off


The Freezing Breeze

Is Sent through the fruit-bearing branches


It questions

“A time to die,”

He whispers


The Strong Wind

Is Sent to destroy a sail

“For what gain?”

It begs

“A time to tear,”

He whispers


The Forceful Whirlwind

Is Sent to rip through a town

“To benefit who?”

It wails

“A time to mourn,”

He whispers


He leaves them all

Without answers

The Breezes, the Winds, the Whirlwinds –

But they know

That to try to understand His plans

Would be meaningless –


A Chasing after the Wind.

(With excerpts from the NIV Bible)


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