Rooted Partner

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 01:35 -- kokoe


I want a partner that is so rooted in the bossom of GOD;

A partner that is in LOVE with GOD

Who places GODs Desire infront of their own

fleshly desires...


I want a partner that has been praying for me daily,

as I have for them.

gravity divinely intercepting 

making us bond through prayer.

Before we ever meet.


One day this individual and I will link

Meeting eye to eye

And our passion for GOD will ignite us.


Begining to plant seeds in us

blossoming & growing  in all areas  of life

withstanding all trails and tribulations.


Our Love for Christ and each other will be so strong;

Always praying together & for each other miles near and apart.

Most importantly we will never fail to ask GOD

to direct & position our love, relationship, life, and faith to the next level.


We will love each other like Christ Loves the Church.

Partners for life

forever together...


It will be a three some; A three not tie 

that will be love driven, insink, & invincible

but Very present for the world to know

type of love!








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