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You gave me life,
my first breath taken was yours first.

You loved me before I knew who I was.

You watched over me while I slept,
Letting peaceful dreams take me to a world not my own.

You heard my cries,
My sadness or pain,
Terror or grief.

I felt your hand on my shoulder.
I heard your whispers to guide me.

When I screamed in fear,
You lit my torch in the dark,
stood beside me,
and helped me fight off my demons.

When I shook in guilt,
my knees skinned,
hands clasped together,
Crying because I knew that I'd done wrong,

I felt your arms around me;
Someone to hold me when I needed it most.
I felt your grace fall on me.

When I would cry in pain,
My crimson blood staining the ground,
I felt you clean my wounds.

When I open my lips to sing,
Eyes shining,
Joy resounding,
I hear you sing with me.

When I dance like no one's watching,
Silly and free,
I hear your joyful laughter.

I know You are there whenever I fall.
You crawl with me when I cannot walk.
You carry me when I cannot carry myself.

You never give me tests I cannot pass.

You catch me if I fall too hard.

You do not look at the wrongs I have done,
but instead see the light of faith inside me.

You love me despite my imperfections,
and you're always there when I need you.

Thank you for saving me when I thought I'd surely drown.

I love you.


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