An Ode to my Hijab

Tue, 04/16/2013 - 21:58 -- hilali


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(An Ode to my Hijab)

A man approached me one day and tapped on my shoulder
I turned around to see someone I had never seen before
He stood there and said he wanted to thank me
How unusual, I thought, who is this stranger and what is he saying?
He went on to say, I admire you so much
You wear your headscarf, so strong with your chin up
While so many women in this society have no real ideas to express
So instead they cut their dresses low and let their cleavage hang
So thank you for being a role model and staying afloat in a predator-infested tank

See this scarf that I wear
This piece of cloth placed on top of my hair
Stands for dignity, strength, and all that I bear
To cover my beauty and all that’s apparent
So you can approach me as a human instead of seeing me transparent
Know me for my soul and take me as I am
So I dare you to judge me as in solidarity with my beliefs I stand
I do this for my Lord and my religion comes from peace
Islam is I and that “I” in Islam starts with me
It covers all that is external and protects my modesty
Don’t tell me I’m oppressed and that I didn’t have a choice
Don’t tell me I can’t speak for myself or that I have no voice

‘Cause my head scarves range from Burberry to pashmina sleek
God knows how many designs and colors… every single pattern unique
Wore my hijab through basketball so at games my identity would speak
Through it all I stood my ground, kept my cool--I handled the heat
It’s hard to believe such a small piece of fabric can say so much
Or that just because I cover some can hate me so much
I love you, hijab, but there sure are some haters you create
Yet I remain steadfast and have tawwakul (Arabic for firmness of faith)
For you do far more than just cover my hair
You keep me humble in my affairs and heedful of my daily prayer
So here is my ode to you for all that you do
Al- Hijab you keep me grounded and preserve me like a jewel


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