In the silent waves she saw herself,

Lost and confused, she cried for help.

Through the screams and moans that came tumbling out,

The distorted images that filled her with doubt.

No longer could she stand alone,

Her secrets that haunted her to the bone,

Ripped and tore her only being,

Her true appearance she no longer was seeing.

Those feelings of depression set in,

The mind was going for a spin,

She was once like every other girl,

Who hunched over a bowl yearning for a hurl,

The cuts she made in the darkest of nights,

The lack of hope that was ending her fight.

I cannot say I frown in her direction

I once had these feeling of depression.

But I learned to stand on my own two feet,

A secret that is so discrete,

Very few can understand,

The relief it is to feel whole again.

I pray for every one of them,

Small, tall, black, and tan,

To look straight into their reflection and see,

The beautiful girls they were born to be.

No longer should we play this game,

With a winner that can never be named.

Beauty is not one specific way,

It is different among the masses today.

So hold your head up high and sing,

I was born to rule and be my own queen.

Little girl please tell me now you see,


Beauty is what you were born to be.




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wow this poem is so emotional and amazing. Please read my poems because I would like to know what you think of them

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