A Distracted Prayer

Dear Lord,

And then the thought vanishes

Like ink words never written on a page.

The words that fall like glistening coins from my lips

Lack backing in a truer currency.

The murmur, steady as a humming bee

Is lulled to silence by a vacant mind.

My knees grow worn while my Head floats

Among the clouds in hazy daze-

And then I touch back down on earth.

Where was I?  Ah, yes,

Father, please help me...

My Soul's feet drift off the the ground again

And wander through the Psyche's gardens,

Examining every flowering thought.

Thank you, God, for...

For what?  For what?

I never get beyond the greeting

Before my naughty Focus runs away.

Oh, Lord, look beyond my cluttered Brain

And see the pleas that that flutter in my chest.

You know they vibrate deep within my Being,

So gather them, gently, from the mental chaff.

Pull me upwards from my cast-down state

And show me all my true needs crystal-clear.


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