This Worlds Redemption


United States
32° 53' 45.51" N, 97° 21' 44.856" W

This world gives me a feeling of starkness
So many places growing with darkness
Setting that place on fire
Cause Lord need for you is dire
It's so dark they're becoming blind
My light so bright leading to the shrine
The source of all my light is you
To show the world a better view
It's my cross to bear
To show others I wear
The truth that is Holy
Distracted by sloely
The greed of this place
Surrounded by disgrace
Gluttony abounds
By going "a few more rounds"
Evil so abundant
Let loose to go rampant
We need your guidance
Without it we try to stitch
Up the hole in our hearts
Not filled up in parts
But overflowing with love
Sent only from above
By your grace we're saved
To show the way paved
By your Son now risen
Up above now hidden
We give up our portion
But we are only forgiven
By Him nailed to the oak 'n
By his flesh slashed open
All his blood shed for us
To make the way porous
So we could meet our Creator
And worship our Savior.


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