400 Years

All I need is freedom...

Praises to the authority

When majority

Promoted white robes as a conformity

Of your suppression

Waiting too long for legal protection

The mass deception that changed your soul to most of a kind

The impurities undefined

Swimming deeper into a finagled political comma

Where the visually impaired lead oceans of blind

The blacker the berry the harsher the treatment

The more bruised are the fruit

Dictated by big brother in orthodox suits

You know them as teachers

You call them your doctors, lawyers, and judges

And this is what's inspirational and looked up to to be

Lesser knowledge is free, but more is to be trapped

Wondering why they call it the trap

Conditional poverty act

Letting the blind amplify tenacious pride

To a system that failed

Only one way to free the mind encaged in a cell

Just unlock and prevail

Unlearn what was learned

And rewrite what was written

A limitless waiver

To heal history's scars with righteous behavior

So stand up for the truth and free your past

And let it be known

Or the renaissance will be televised while you're watching at home

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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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