Angel's Witness

I kept close watch of him barely through a keyhole, but just enough to see him grow.
This way I could learn from him, see how life blooms in the dark. It must be done.
Too many eyes drawn into the shadows, we are losing the fight.
The key is to learn how one grows within, only then can we unlock it's door.

It seems that in the dark, his actions swerve quick to find its way up.
He stumbles down deeper, only to seek another pair,
of a smile he colors his days in the dark.
It comes clear
that his path is assured, I could see
he has accepted this place.
I wonder how much more he would grow by the light.
In such short years he has fallen many times, no sign of guidance,
though his eyes seem to find its way around.
He has grown wise and humble, with least of fortunes,
he is resourceful and capable.

I must stand clear to reason, a few more should refine in perception.
This life is not so easy, though he has covered each corner,
limited space but yet to cease creativity crafted more corners,
his knowledge kept growing.
I had set forth a path, in comparison to this of days in the light.
But the light through a keyhole is more than enough to breathe.
A darkness is only shades in disguise of true witness,
to a world without a prize, still to color the days of the light.

It has always been clear to a path,
the light comes from within,
a room may hold the universe and believe,
that this life is a sure thing.

Spread these wings to fly, by your eyes shine brighter days.

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