I’m gonna start with a question

That I doubt you can answer

Because I’m sure it’s in you

Spreading like a cancer

It’s in me too,

Though I’ve only just become aware

But answer me this, can you say you truly care?


Love being the thing that I ask

Yet we’ve all made it into a task

In a sense it’s what it should be

But only if it comes without strings

It’s something we all struggle with

Treating it like a compultion

But I’m telling you now your heart needs to open.


There’s no doubt you love your kids

Or your spouse or your friends

But what about those who live nothing but sin

Those who use and abuse, who superficially choose?

The ones who let earthly plessures rule them?

Homo sexuals, prostitutes, murderers and thieves

Can you say for fact if they walked through that door,

you wouldn’t make them leave.


I’ve seen it before, I’ve heard it in discussion,

That we all sin, doesn’t that mean something?

Christ died for you, and he died for me,

But even more he died for them by hanging on that tree

When we see a girl with a girl, or a boy with a boy

We make them out to be leppers and whores

Or the man who doesn’t fit in, sitting by himself in the corner

He looks a little bit off, so he belongs in a cell because we don’t understand

Well have you tried, maybe reach out your hand


Love does not mean agreeing, but it does mean acceptance.

Maybe we should try it to the teen who’s pregnant

Instead of looking down on them

As God has the right to do to us

He should have done it for he is just

But instead he didn’t, he sacrificed it all

By grabbing the bag and taking the fall.


He surrounded himself with the ones he could help

We don’t need eachother,

But they need you, to show them love

As Christ would do.

Sacrifice your reputation, your pride.

Serving is fine, but don’t treat them as less

Instead find common ground, and give them your best

Make them your friends, and spend time at the least

With who they are underneath.

And then you can tell them what Jesus is about

But actions speak louder than words

So make those actions loud.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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