Women you should seek

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 00:17 -- kokoe


A woman who is voluminously thick with all the curves of knowledge in the right places of her medulla oblongota.

Is what you should be seeking...

A woman who does not walk on her own understanding but by GOD alone.

is what you should be seeking...


She is a woman of Character
Who walks to the beat of her own drums. 

Trying to discover the world from GODs rear view mirror.
She Sways and sashays 

until she hears GOD whisper, 

"it is okay."

She is a woman of all epitome.
She glow from the inside out stopping everyone dead in their tracks.


Physical features the world tells her not to like...

She glorifies them knowing she is different,

Beautifully and wonderfully  made in HIS image.

Her marks and bruises are beautified; 

glowing through her message...
Reminding us all that, no matter the struggle

tomorrow is always going to be better than our yesterday.

Even the earth quaking cannot shake her. 

She knows the GOD that she serves.

She is a Women that walks bold;
Her head held high with confidence and poise.
Every time she speaks  

whether the weather is cold or warm 

the Heavens open and shine down on her.

Melodies tunes become part of her beat. 

2nd nature

she is attuned, aligned, in line with her calling.


Her heart beats to the calm whispers of the wind. 

So gentle but fierce ..

She is a Women that knows her place

and knows what she wants...

Her hearts desire, 

she knows will always be answered...

For she knows the most important of important persons....


She is like David...

But A woman...

After GODs own HEART...

She is the only woman you should be seeking!!!


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