A Work In Progress


United States
37° 14' 32.7156" N, 76° 39' 51.7428" W

Please excuse my hard exterior
For I see you have to chisel slow
In order to force through me
To form the creation in your mind
That you see

Please excuse the mess that I make
As you chip away my excess
In order to get rid of the mistakes
To create the creation in your mind
At whatever the risk may take

Please excuse the cracks in me
As I age through rough weather and storms
But you smooth away my damaged surface
To fulfill the creation in your mind
And to show me my purpose

Please excuse me, for I am me
For I'm like the statue and you are my sculptor

I am a work in progress



Very good. I understand this very well. Your writing is strong, I can feel the vibes underneath. If this is from your own pov, maybe, you should shape yourself. Often times, others try to change you to make you how they want you to be. That's not always healthy. Comments on life aside, Bravi! Wonderful Verse.


Thank you so very much. This was from my pov and I was in a moment where I wasn't sure about myself (looks, personality, etc.), but something hit me and told me that I'm fine just the way that I am and that God created me to be this way. No need to change the image he created just to satisfy others :)

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