"Melded Together"


Crying to You was not what I wanted to do

For You to see me laying on the ground

face down caused sweet shame so I refrained

Have You seen my dull effervescent mind

My lack of authority

My lack of poignant words

So I tried to run away from you; and a world

that left me with silent sighs

But here now you stand as I fail to uphold

my fragile stance

Accepting the decision of the fools was the last thing

that I had to do

You see I thought of You when the whip touched my skin

sacred marks of a hundred years engraved your name within my tomb

It was you I see standing over me endlessly saying

nothing, only looking; listening; believing

When freedom called my name I laughed in her face

And yes, she believed I was insane

But its not me, cant you see?

I have to stay and pay for all the world's enmity

Until this you remain transfixed upon the matter

that tempted me sore...

We felt the pain and the infamous stain

separating now and again but always remaining friends

You see we are the same

Please do not defame me

Look at me

Behold, I am your soul




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