Thu, 07/23/2015 - 16:14 -- In.Time

 Faith is awesome.

Whenever I seem to be lost  No matter what the cause is,I can rely on Faith.

 A simple concept but a complex thing to do.

To have Faith in someone is like giving all of you - spiritually, mentally a deeper way to connect.

An invisible bond that you can all ways expect to be there to help mend those broken pieces.

"Weakness" is not compatible better yet its not applicable to the concept of  Faith.

You see Faith is to awesome to be dettered by such a thing. 

Yes you may have times you need to be put back together but it takes Faith.

Faith in yourself 

Faith in others

Faith in what could be better tommorow. And years to come.

So I say Faith is awesome, and everything that comes with it.




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