As I stand here on the brink of destruction
Crying out to the heavens to be unshackled
I do not cease nor desist, 
I am unmoving in my blind faith in the future
In a glimpse, in a dream; I have seen it
I have cried at all that I could do
I have marveled at the man I could be
And so I stand here undeterred, 
You will not move me, I will not flinch
I am the shore of the crashing waves
And no matter the strength nor number of waves
I will stand, and I will stand anew
You cannot kill me, for I am an ever changing man
Who you loathed then is not who stands here now
And I will continue to change
I will continue to hold fast upon the dreams
I will not deter,
I will not wallow in the depths of self-pity
I will not swim among those lost in the river Styx
I have seen their sorrow, as they forget those they journeyed for
I am not them
I am unique, I am a breed unprecedented 
I am glorified and I am blessed
I am brilliant, and I am unparalleled
I am conceived by queens and kings
Blessed by gods, and admired by men
And I will stand on this shore
And as I stand here on the brink of destruction
Challenging the heavens to be tamed
I will not cease nor desist
I’ve come too far.


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My community
Our world
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