Words from my Heart


United States
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He holds my heart within his hands
Bending, Molding, all to plan
Sometimes it hurts, but he always works.
The black is now out of my heart, leaving a hole for a new start
I feel all empty, sad and alone
I don't know where else to turn
For all my bridges have been burned
I feel a warmth, within my chest
My body shaking, I'm out of breath
I feel so light, like a weight has been lifted
My hands burn like a fire is within them
I raise my hands and fall to my knees
Surrendering to whatever is overtaking me
Tears, they begin to stream happily
I look into the sky, wondering what is really up there
The burning in my hands, it spreads
And when i think i may combust
The Joy, it flows from my gut
Laughing happily in a sweet surrender
"Oh Lord, My God, don't ever linger
Stay here with me forever and ever
Fill my heart with what makes yours tender."
That hole in my heart, it begins to fill
With something more amazing than could be real
A honey sweet smell begins to spill
"Where are you, reveal yourself!"
A chuckle as light as air itself
"I am here with you, Oh cant you tell
You have drank from the water
And doesn't it taste well?
May that longing never leave, in the name of Me."
I smile so big as i feel something coming
I sense it, its something big
And like a wave, I'm swept away
Sprawled across the floor, feeling so unworthy
I claw at the floor, not worthy of this presence
And bury my head, to hide me from this present
"Don't hide your face, you are so worthy
I love you more than anything my darling."
And just like that the presence is gone
But i feel no remorse, I feel so strong
That hole in my heart is filled sweet with honey
"The Lord, Our God, is soon coming
make yourselves ready,
For the wrath of the judgment of the Lamb."


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