Sometimes it is hard to stay positive and to believe in yourself,

You think you have it all planned out but there are people around you who try to convince you to be someone else.

I am extremely grateful that I come from a family that has always seen me for me,

And they never made me feel like there was someone else that I was supposed to be.

My mom had cancer four years ago, and I am so grateful that she is still here,

Because some families recieve news that no one ever wants to hear.

Sometimes I resemble my dad so much that it is insane,

It's almost as if we are different bodies, carrying the same brain.

I have an older brother, and we fight more than we get along,

But as we have gotten older, our relationship has gotten strong.

I come from a family that has been through a lot, 

But I am thankful for them because it is the only one that I got.

Of course there are times where we don't agree and we don't see eye to eye,

However, it is not long before we forget the reasons why.

There is nothing that I wouldn't do for them, and I know they feel the same,

And I am very happy and grateful that I get to continue on our name. 


This poem is about: 
My family


Julian Favretto

At a time when many young people come from disruptive or abusive or broken families, it was like abreath of fresh air to read Lauren's "Family".  She describes how important her family is to her existence and how her family life has really determined who she is .   This is a touching tribute to the power of a tightly knit family in developing a child's character, security and personality.  I consider this incredibly well written for content and sentimentality.               JF

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