The Rage of Love



Oh, to sing symphonic hymns of eternalbliss, but who am I with eyes set on thistemporal kiss. Oh to sing to my Fatherwith joyful praise. Oh, life most to bepitied if I don't number my days and knowJesus the Christ. So, Father would youcome, Son come, Holy Spirit dwell with us.There is no better cry for this rugged soulto sing. Let me see the pierced hands andfeet, for my soul to keep; then I will be onmy face and weep. Oh the image of theall-powerful God pressed upon a cross, tovindicate His worth and burn out all mydross. Oh but me a speck of dust ventingHoly breath, if only you would pass by andhide me in a cleft. So let us sing withshining faces, shouts of joy for aboundinggraces. And let your love rage on in haste,until we see your Glorious Face.


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