Strength in Adversity


i lay out under the shade of the trees, embracing the cool breeze

it is comforting, like a caress between lovers
i watch the leaves blowing in the wind, never in unison but always in synch
the trees sway back and forth, back and forth, as if rocking to some invisible rhythm
i don’t need to hear it to know its message; I can feel it in every cell of my being,
connecting me with the sounds of nature
my spirit is affirmed once more by the soft rustle of leaves, vowing that here in life’s purest form, everything is okay
calm, not calamity
the sky, a blank canvas of open invitation: release yourself
let the soothing brush of fresh air intoxicate your senses, revive you

i sense autumn drawing near, closer every day
the leaves are bright with life, just starting to flash a glimpse of vibrancy that awaits
although there is not a cloud in the sky i sense my head resting there, while my feet are planted firmly on the ground; my soul, lost somewhere in between; floating, waiting to be found…

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