Free To Lay


in the night send quite a bit of fright

yesterday dreams of eating vanilla ice ceam

outside in the street hearing people scream


going shadow boxing & I'm not lying

getting busy in my crib got fish that's frying

years ago let the truth be told,

you will do what you've been told until the rights to you are sold


getting busy & free to lay every single day

 at the back of the bar

shooting hoops lisening to the juke & their you are

took out my magical pad drawng pictures having fun


Time is a killer gettig caught right in the midde

Sucka's want to blame me for all the mistakes in the world

Waiting to get past ths new phase getting lost in a purple haze

Out on the street I see a bum pissing


Is there something I should learn in this newest lesson

Free to lay under the sun watching everybody have some fun

There's a quest in my heart blown full of desire

getting lost in the sauce now I'm ready to retire


This poem is about: 
My community


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