God Is Real

You think you know it all because you're a scientist.
You make me angry when you say God doesn't exist.
You believe there is no God and you say that it's a scientific fact.
When I become angry, you have the nerve to say that I overreact.
You act so proud of yourself when you say that God isn't real.
God created mankind and he knows more about science than you ever will.
I have a lot more faith in God than I'll ever have in you.
God is real and I don't care that you say it is not true.
I know that The Lord is real even though he's a supernatural being who I can't see.
Not all scientists are like you, when you say God isn't real, certain scientists disagree.
Everybody will have to answer to God on Judgement Day.
And when that happens, you'll regret the things that you say.
When it comes to talking to you, I won't do it anymore, I'm through.
God does exist and when Judgement Day arrives, you'll know it's true.


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