Nikki, Amarianna, Mercury, Eva, Freya, Laila, and Me

I used to know a girl

sad and bare was she

she cried all the time

and never thought 

about the bright side

Hope had abandoned her

her spirit destroyed her

she never knew what to do

how to make her pain go away

till one day

she was given a book

a journal she was told

to write about her pain

and in that journal she began to write

and spun those pages into a book

and turned her pain into ink

and wrote out her heart so dear

wrote about a life she loved but could never go

she wrote her pain away and created the worlds

she loved

and in this journal

she turned to a website

and turned the thought  into books

hiding the elements in her life into the elements in theirs

making her pain dissapear

she wrote

day and night

in the dark and bright

and there she learned 

she could change

and transformed into the characters she made

in their made up worlds

and they guide her

teling her to just believe

things will get better

and they do

anytime the pain creeps in

she spins it into a tale

showing the world her truth so dear,

hidden secretly

showing only to her 

ever so frequently.

and from there, 

comes her mentors so so dear...

Nikki for memories

Amarianna for love

Merucry for courage

Eva for bravery

Freya for caring for others so dear

Laila for hope

And finally, Me for all their traits combined

making my life better

my personality sweeter

and my hope rebirths

and my spirits soar,

all for my mentors so dear.



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