It's Gone

The day that I never thought would come is finally here,

And now I am able to see things nice and clear.

That you were nothing special from the start,

And it only seemed that way because you had my heart.

I was the one who had you on a pedestal this whole time,

And it was only because I was so set on making you mine.

But when the attachment to you finally started to die down,

I was able to pick myself up off of the ground.

And leave the memories of you in the past,

And finally start looking for a love that is going to last.

Find someone who is going to treat me right,

And not leave me in tears and not leave me in shambles every night.

I can finally move on and live the way I want to live,

And fill me with the love that I am always willing to give.

And I no longer feel like I need to keep you in the know,

Because the feelings I had for you were finally able to let go.

And when I see that you are still checking in, it doesn’t mean anything anymore,

Because it reminds me this whole time what I have been fighting for.

And I finally realized that you are not that great,

And you no longer have my love, but you also don’t have my hate.

Because at the end of the day, you are not even worth it,

And me and you are just not a good fit.

Whether it be as a lover or just as a friend,

Me and you were made to eventually come to an end.

I can finally say that I can move on from you and let you go,

And I can finally allow myself to move on and grow. 


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