To my Sister

Fri, 08/07/2015 - 22:14 -- FloPo

Since we were younger you've always loved

and never had a reduced fascination

with what seems to the world just a common animal,

but actually elephants are quite amazing.

An elephant is a mammal known for it's size, longevity, and stamina

typically seen in Africa, Asia, the circus, and the zoo.

You never lost sight of an elephant's true meaning

and because of you I could see it too.

To the memories you bring

to the humility you had to encounter,

through it all you kept your strength

as well as your passion and power.

Compassion for your family, friends and others

helped to show your determination and loyalty.

Courage, endurance, perserverance and ambition

displayed how you are nothing less than royalty.

Although you were not always treated the best

from those you did not harm,

you never chose violence or revenge

but remained happy and showed your loving charm.

Experiencing at 22

a stroke that had you near to death

made me realize how much of an awesome and amazing sister you are,

so I prayed hard that you may take another breath.

Elephants are there to bring good luck, fortune

and are known as a blessing.

Keeping one by your side and in your heart

is why I believe you are doing nothing other than progressing.

I can't wait until you come back home

to our sister trio

so I can tell you how much I still learn from you,

my older sister, my inspiration, my hero.

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My family
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