The Heart is a Lonely Hunter


The heart is a lonely hunter

seeking another lost heart

to complete his own

A long cold hard journey for the hunter

Alone and searching

Through dark caves he treads, past dangerous creatures he braves,

with debilitating loneliness on his back (shoulders)

His beating heart: a compass with no guarantee

hope in a small arrow pointing there. strong it transcends time. Older than humanity.

the hunter has hope-

of love...of happiness...of worth

As even the trees reach up to entwine their fingers,

the hunter knows value

Steps stronger stance steady spirit lifted the hunter goes on


With time, the heart breaks


No- not broken just not whole

The cure, the hunter knows, is searching just

as hard and treading just and lonely as he.

Along the way there are detours of false hope

Blinded by weariness he sits and settles for

something less

A substitute

He is happy for a while, but

the road beckons

his heart begs for more

and he marches on


More time

The heart is at its heaviest

the hunter is at his loneliest

he wants to give up

succumb to the despair and sit

and feel the relief on his aching feet of not

having to take another step.

Torn between the possibility of

complete love

and the pain of

bitter disappointment

no longer marching he is at a walk

his only companions the trees and the moon

his only solace his words

But even they do not distract from the longing


He begins to question his path

his fate

his self

Why? Why? Why?

If he was meant to have love why didn’t he?

If he was meant to find his huntress why hasn’t he?

If he was meant to be happy why does he suffer?

Is he even promised his happy ended?

The truth is no, no one is.

No path is certain and no road is clear

There is always doubt in every possibility

But hope is tremendous


and never misguided. If he finds his love the pain will be a distant memory

all the failures and trails make him strong

Strong to be worthy of the purest love

The pain is a ruler

a reference to show what happiness love brings

Suffering shows what joy really is

To be handed a precious stone in a velvet box with a satin ribbon teaches nothing

To strike a pick ax against the cold dark walls of a mine for eight years to encounter the stone teaches the value of such a gift

Love even more so


Love is not a straight line

It is never easy and it’s hard to find

Love is loyal and strong and hard

to understand.




When love is found

something so amazing it’s magic

something so beautiful its unquestionable

is found

And when that moment comes all the questions are forgotton

The hunter cannot ask or answer questions of love

Only thank whatever power led love this way for

a purpose in the struggle and

a light in the deepest cave


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