A Letter Lost in a Hurricane

Sun, 01/28/2018 - 17:11 -- GRC07

Dear Hurricane Victor,


A hailstorm commenced when I agreed to be yours

And you, mine…

I often wonder if it was a sign.


Later during a rainstorm,

I realized I loved you.


I should’ve realized our romance would not always

Be sunny and blue.


We ignored the climate change

And allowed the swirling wind

To make us feel deranged.


Like the ocean,

I felt my heart swell.

We brushed aside the thunder and sirens,

Warnings that silenced our devotion,

Thus causing us to yell.



The storm hit home,

Separated us…

Made me feel



This hurricane was one I knew;

It destroyed the land like you destroyed my heart,

So I named it after you.


Looking back,

I wish we had just listened

And together,

Climbed to high land

Rather than argue over who was in command.


The storm left much change in its wake.

I remember that with every heartache.


I wish we had prepared for this storm

Rather than think each warning sign was simply

Part of the norm.


My love,

Some days have shine,

Others have rain.

While you might not always be mine,

One thing must remain:

Have hope,

And remember this trope.

Despite all the devastation,

Pain, and woe,

What comes to mind is a certain quotation:

“It is rain that makes the flowers grow.”



Gabriella Rose


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