I Am A Sleeping Giant

Fri, 12/12/2014 - 16:50 -- EAnders


One white kid in the whole neighborhood

All my friends spoke Spanish but still I knew the truth

That every one of us wants the same exact thing

To find a safe haven and to have a family


So it's funny when I meet someone who says that I don't know

How it feels to be different cause I'm not from a ghetto

That I'm guilty of racism cause I've got white skin

When my grandfather walked in D.C. against oppression


And why judge me on the wrongs of my ancestry?

It's not who I am and it's not at all how I was raised

I'm too pale, too short, too weak, too ugly

I've heard it all before, all directed at me


But not once have I ever judged another by his skin

Nor have I ever treated someone differently for being a woman

I can honestly say this, I've never betrayed a friend

And my loyalty runs deeper than the river I drowned in


That's right, I died for thirty minutes

And in that timeless place I was locked in a prison

I relived every sin, saw what I could've been

And I cried for salvation as eternity pulled me in


This couldn't be the end, I couldn't go like this

Not my future out of reach, as though I were Tantalus

No heaven, no hell, just a vast nonexistence

And for a time I can't describe I floated in stillness


No. A voice cut through eternity.

Self-recognition, thoughts came back to me.

Who am I? Where am I? Am I dead? Is this the end?

"Not yet" the voice said as I began to ascend 


Ever since then I've known who I am

Beneath this scarred skin there's a sleeping giant

I live to learn, and fall to rise

Wrong deeds with right intentions, but I'll try to make them right


Sometimes I feel like I'm living on borrowed time

Paid off by being a light to save anothers life

To nspire, to entertain, to support and to change

To love, to protect, to help along their way


So judge me not on what you see externally

Every moments a blessing and I know I'm so lucky

Not for the things I have in my possession

But for all these people I've known, and for all of these lessons


I don't know if there's a God who is watching me now

I know not if there's a heaven, nor if there's a hell 

But regardless of the trials and the struggles that I'll face

My love for this world can never be changed


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