You got me thinking

Of what’s out there and what’s inside

You got me thinking

Of how we came to be alive

You got me thinking

Of whether we contain a soul

You got me thinking

Of whether we’re in full control


I’ve asked you the questions

Now I’ve learned, I understand

Why you hold yourself back

Why you won’t let me be your man

Because your devotion’s elsewhere

To the spirit of our kind

To the one who exists beyond

Out of space and out of time

I can’t say I share this view

I’m not one who can relate

I’ve tried to grasp the faith you hold

But still thus far, I’m in the shade


You value your relationship

As much as a breath of air

To go against His will

Is a thought you cannot bear

But we are all imperfect

It’s written in our code

To satisfy your lust for flesh

Would be to sell your soul


So what’s it gonna take for me

To accept it as true?

My stubborn skeptic mind

Needs flagrant proof

You see His work done everyday

In every cloud, in every tree

But water vapor and chlorophyll

Are all I see

How can something so tangible to you

Be so invisible to me?


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