So let me tell you,

So let me tell you, it started with this girl,

you already heard alll the shawty stories but yo son let me tell you about this one girl.

Shawty tall like model, didnt know why she aint go on ANTM

Black like Kelly Rowlad , yeah she get the kisses down low

Eyes so bright that i could watch TV in them

Hair so so soft, Damn i think I think I want one of those bundles too!

But yo son let me put you on,

shawty been trying play me from jump

with her ex, her side and some jump

when I got her number she TEXT me from the Jump!

so  i jump on my berry and try to tell her im not with the bullshyt from the jump

she said that girl was crazy and that i need a seat wayyy over there cause I was jumping to fast

SOOOO I sat cause maybe I Did jump but thats cause my feelings were bubbling so fast

See im the worst player ever, it actually pretty sad

once you say you  feeling me I start to lose my agenda and all soft, Blahh

yeah i know she was suppose to be some JUMP but she was nice and too kind to me ,I couldnt do that to this jump

Brought her some flowers infront of my high school, dang that was corny , shoud of smoke a L cause i looked like a buffoon.

Flowers for some girl that wasnt mine, dang yo you stuck her glue

but those flowers sure did make her smile and like a domincan eating mangu

So like the mac daddy I was I got her in my bed, WHY COULDNT SHE BE A SLUT!! I WANTED SOME HEADDD!! But she acted like a lady and kept her legs semi closed but not before I took that bra off and made my hands make her moan

Though the summer she was holster to my pistol

even thought about matching Tattoos and kicks so everyone would know it official

but i didnt know that she kept her jumps arounds the way so when we got in arguement she jumping joy cause she secretly get away

I mean i knew about the jumps and the the sidelines but she made it seem like I looking at it in the wrong way

she made me look at the ex crazy but they both were crazy for each other

she made me look at that side crazy but they had a crazy type of  love

she made me crazy . But then again she was use to making everyone crazy.

So I got the courage and left her ass not without tearing up and feeling like an ass

why couldnt she love me like she love the rest


But why in 2013 does the pain still feel so bad?




 Just Looking For love

with the wrong gender

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