Young Precious Girl


Young precious girl, What are you doing?

She said: "I'm giving up. Too stressed up, to get lucked up. I'm sick of the society putting me down and my "man" wearing the crown..."


Young precious girl, Where are you going?

She said: "The hill miles away, can't you tell? Where the devil prays on the weak. I'm better off going to hell. Im sick of trying, sick of crying, sick of not having faith. I'd rather be dying. 


Young precious girl! Where there is a WILL there is a WAY.

God does the impossible, He works miracles and He is incredible!


Young precious girl, who are you?

She said: I'm a CHILD of God, a warrior, a survivor, and Your Angel above.

Never lose your faith, nor shall you give up, God is in your space!


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