Unspoken Words


Unspoken words are grotesque                                                                                   Words that go unsaid                                                                                                   But hold strong meanings in the array of thoughts                                               They burn their image within your soul and never fade away                                      Sometimes they might mock you as you grasp their concepts                                   Once you began to reveal them, they silently creep and  immobilized your speach     Gagging the victim while they unveil what lies within their heart                                   These are my unspoken words...                                                                                                                                                                                                                  To those who eyes are untrained see me as the All-American Girl,                             But don't be confuse with my countenance                                                              The face that you see is broken and hurt                                                                   Broken like a mistreated porcelain doll                                                                   Hurt by the trials and tribulations I had to face                                                            I didnt know how to let the pain subside                                                                      So I never let anyone know I was hurting                                                                   I left them alone                                                                                                 Alone to dwindle and wither away                                                                     These are my unspoken words

I needed somewhere to go
Somewhere to get these voices and emotions out my mind
But where? Darkness surrounded me as I was filled with wrath
These Unspoken words were causing self deterioration
I had to stop before it was too late
But what could I do? The problem was within myself
I saw myself losing the war I had started right before everyone eyes
Then it hit me. It's not one person I can blame but myself
Through the years I down cast others for making me "tick"
When all along the problem laid at my heart
Writing to my own rules I never put blame on myself
Expressing myself in ways that only I could understand
Revealing things I kept hidden for oh so long
These are my unspoken words

A dream never gives up on a person
It's the person that gives up on the dream
If I let my dreams die they will wither away
They will be no more than unspoken words
My dream is what keeps me alive 
Holding on for everlasting life
Even though sometimes I felt I was slipping,
My dream held a tighter grip around my heart, soul and mind
The dream inspired me to never give up
Faith is the backbone to my dreams
That's why I will never give up
A dream never gives up on the person
Its the person that gives up on the dream
My words that were once unspoken is my dream                                                 Once I pondered I realize one detrimental demon that caused me to tick...                I ticked because i once lost sight of my dream                                                            My dream is my guardian angel                                                                                  I may stray away, but it alwas leads me back home to sweet serenity.



So for those who might be confused with the format, I wanted to take that extra step into creativity. The first line reads: "Unspoken words are grotesque". Grotesque defines itself as distorted. I thought if I try to make the poem distorted, it would flow better with the meaning. There are parts in the poem where the author is confuse so the poem "jumps", but as they realize the problem i straightens itself out. Give me feedback on the poem itself and the grotesque formation please!

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