The clothes hanging on my line

Are not mine

Where have I been

Lost again

In my dream

A floating stream


None of the things belong to me

Not that I can see

Nor feel or have a memory

Where have I been

Lost again


I look at my backyard

And wonder what card

To play

Or should I just stay

And fiddle away


Walking on the beach
The shade is out of reach

Feeling the power of the sea

But that's all it will ever be

Just a sea

For eternity


Again I look at my backyard

And it's hard

To understand why

I wonder and sigh

Of playing in a band

In front of a news stand

In a life that wanders about the streets below

But I don't care if I never know

How to play the piano


Who are those people that muddy the waters

Who are those people that want only daughters

I know men are crazy

But don’t we need the other side of daisy?


The world is wide

But I can't hide

From the things it will spend

To get the things it will bend


So I walk on to the next town

There is another clown

That likes to walk the nights

Under the street lights

For his time has come to an end

What will happen to my friend


But no one is at fault

Just want it to halt

And do a somersault

Then pole vault

Above the stars

Land on Mars


I'm tired of all the fussing anyway

Now I'm going my own way

I'm looking for a highway

That's wet and black

A highway that will take me back

To the place where I belong

Inside of me

In my dream

A floating stream



This poem is about: 
Our world


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