Self portrait.


United States
30° 10' 17.3208" N, 82° 50' 33.0792" W
United States
37° 5' 24.864" N, 95° 42' 46.4076" W
United States
30° 10' 17.3208" N, 82° 50' 33.0792" W

She looks like heaven 

to me

She says no but that's okay

not everyone can see

The way her eyes shine in the morning

when the sun's just coming up

and she knows just what to say 

when your mind is running away

She'll ask you to stay with one word



She sounds like the sea

to me

Always inviting and continuously calm

 Who knew a voice could make you feel dizzy

for so long

They don't feel the same about her

because they never stopped to listen

If you watch her like I do

maybe you would be fascinated too

By the way she emits light effortlessly

giving you her smile when yours is missing

Or maybe you would be entranced 

by the loneliness that hides

deep inside her pale blue eyes 

only when she laughs


She's the moon and I call her Luna

because she radiates the suns bright light

when the world is at its darkest

She doesn't miss the light of day

because she bottles every single ray

and keeps them close beside her

How could you over look her 

time and time again?

Perhaps because 

she doesn't ask for your attention

and like the moon 

she won't tell you all she wants is to be noticed


I can see she understands

that somewhere inside her is beauty

Have you noticed that she knows

she can be perfect all alone?

No, you haven't cared enough to notice

So you must not have been able to tell

that although she loves herself already

What she wants is you to see

all her flaws as merely freckles 

instead of imperfections 

What she seeks isn't self improvement

she just wants you to want to stay


If you asked her how many times

she's felt love

she would answer with silence

If you asked her how many times

she chose the wrong person

she would answer with tears

If you asked her how many times

she used a falling star on someone else

she would answer with a sigh of grief

for all the wishes that never came true

If you asked her what she wanted

she would say his name in her head

You see she'll never tell you out loud

because she doesn't want her own pain

to reflect back to you


I hope next time you'll see her

because she's not that hard to find

She's reading in the coffee shop

her emotions hiding just beyond her glasses

She's walking alone to her next class

because she prefers to be barefoot in the grass

She's walking in the rain

and her golden curls are getting wet

She doesn't feel any pain

only the bottomless crevice in her heart

that your absence brings

So I hope next time you see her

you'll walk up and say hello

I know she's just a stranger

but she's been waiting for so long

I know she's hard to approach sometimes

please don't wait until she's gone



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