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NOTE: My poem is in the image.

I am traveling somewhere in this poem. If you can't figure it out, the answer will be in small print at the bottom right.


Here is the text version! Please try to guess where I am before reading the bottom!



Truly, I did the most I could do.

Oh, how the prophecy can fail

if you fail to make the right choice.

I feel like a necklace is being ripped

from my neck. Just like the soul of the human being

was ripped from God.


In these miserable, purple garments I law here.

These dry spikes are like the hearts

of the Jewish people. My people. My children.

Why is my garment drenched in blots?

You ridicule me loudly, but I reply in silence.


As this prison gets smaller, my heart for the providence

grows. Truly, I did the most I could do.


Traveling location: Jesus's Crown of Thorns


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