In a dream

Fri, 07/26/2013 - 00:18 -- dia321

In a dream that seemed distant

my soul still recalls

when my heart still remembers that love struck fall

When your eyes glowed through me like a summers night dream

your scent is gone now

But in my heart your smile still beams

The distance that kept us near and

the twisted doubts that gave me hope

this rythm we danced to, to a song no one else could hear

Yes it's clear leaves are  falling each day that goes by

but I remember when trees were glistening, listening

when it was just you and I

Perhaps it is a habit of mine to follow what is lost

Even when it's breaking, aching , shivering with fear

this dream of ours that once crossed

We may have drifted because it was afterall what seemed right

You're not to blame and I'm not to be ashamed

but if I could sit here, if I could write

perhaps by daylight the stars and the moon will bring you back

In this dream I dreamt of all night

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