Inhibition Almost...

Mon, 02/10/2014 - 01:00 -- kokoe


The Inhibition of my mind & Body...

And I think my heart

is pushing me to dive deep into your warm pool of LOVE.


It seems destined, at this point in time;

The way your lips form to say sweet luring words.

The way your body yarns for me and mine for yours.

The look in our eyes

as though forever will hold us

and mark this our time, our day, our month, and our year

our Anniversa-History :-/


As I take my time to get relaxed, prepared, and ready

Your body & facial gestures alert me 

an impatient calamity is about to happen

in 5...4...3...

not understanding the tension in your body mechanism


 I pull back

And begin to race through my mind

grasping for time to think this through.


My conscious kicks in...

Reminding me 

I forgot to kneel down and pray


since our start....

I forgot to be certain, correct,

parallel to scripture,

equally yoked to you my brother (Sister).


Reality hits and I am saved 

from disgrace by HIS mere grace.

Never having to taste the bare fruit 

of Adams apple.


Never having to see the world

from eyes that went before me;

Rose petal glasses


Remaining a romantic poet

waiting and praying

for my GOD-sent Armor

to take me and be wedd me.

Reminding me of this day that never happened 

Promising me a forever first

in a Romantic poetic GOD-fearing twisted way....



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