Mon, 12/01/2014 - 00:33 -- Tesia


Hopped out my body and took two steps back
I could hear her thoughts echoing
Our brains were still intact 
The first time I stepped away
there was nothing felt.
Maybe the departure was so great,
I didn't realize I wasn't myself.
Had I paid attention to you instead of that somebody else, 
I would've seen that Id become two,
And the real me into something less.
it didn't hurt you until I did it again
2 feet to 20 outside my skin
I went.
You truly felt crushed from within.
Division became your enemy, and my best friend.
And again,
Our feet ran Too deep, 
lead by that lesser me.
It was official We were disconnected 
Only in my dreams were
Pieces of our past recollected 
But reality had set in, 
We'd become non affiliated unjointed detached and broken
For months words went unspoken 
Four months silence went unbroken
But in one dream you said
With my eyes close, but ears open
Our mind clouded, and heart folded
"We need to be dedicated to me
And all this madness to halt 
I feel enslaved 
We're both outraged
Can you listen and please stop
It's like we're so close 
But so far at the same time,
The same thoughts but
Two separate minds.
Until you spoke
How was I suppose to know
That your contemplations were not the same as mine.
We watched the clocks 
But neither of us had recollection
Of the speed of time
I'm loosing you 
And we we're growing further apart
Continuing we'll be two people 
Sharing one heart
Our feet maybe yours but I need to take a walk
To get away from this masked me and your ungodly thoughts
I believed that it was by Him that our heart was bought
So how have we possibly become so Lost?" 
So I'd like to apologize to you, me, myself and we
And especially to the man who died on the cross.
I Know who I am, part of His heart 
and I'm sorry from stoping us, from being who we are.




I posted this on 11-30-2014 at 11:30 . It's 11:42 right now. The clock is off. I'm on central time.


Please consider the time zones in the deadline. I'm not sure why it's off, please. 

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