Faith: My Becoming

There was once I felt lonely, and at times I felt hopeless.

It's in those times I wondered where you were or where you went.

Those are the times I needed you most, why weren't you there?

I needed you to push me forward, to progress.

I wanted to be happy, to learn and to grow.

To see that, I needed you.


"Faith without works is dead", says James 2:20.

You left me because I had not acted nor planned, so I started planning.

I want to prepare to be a good wife and mother, to be the best I can be. So I started cleaning house and cooking.

I want to help others live healthier, so I researched personal training.

I want to get more educated and gain much knowledge, so I applied for colleges in exercise science.


Because I chose to act, I found you.

Now I am happy. I am hopeful and excited to reach my potential.

For a better and successful future.

My faith now lies in your hands dear Lord.

Because I learned faith, you can fill in the gaps. 


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