Our Poor Forsaken Generation

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Our poor forsaken generation


Man if I don't blow this it's like I can't focus

Feeling like I'm choking....but I know if I'm not blowing this

I'd be choking on the stacks of problems that resonate within my life

Causing endless pain and continuous strife

I probably have more problems than the average teen and by any means I'm looking to please me

I don't really care about adolescence, I care more about having sex and...

Forsaking protection cause what's sex with protection, all lubricated and less pleasurable

Swimming deep in that ocean without my life jacket is the way I'd rather have it

Just as long as I'm putting it down, making her moan....cause I'm in love with that sound

Corrupted thoughts, breaking laws, and perfected flaws

Seem to remain as my comfort because I'm nothing less than a wanderer

Forget direction cause I'm living yolo and if you ain't with it then you might as well say you're yoyo . You're on your own

Because regardless if I'm wrong I wouldn't care or admit it but instead prolong

The longevity of my sins cause it's all buried within and what so ever in a man heart will come forth

So as long as I'm filling it with "Wayne, nicki, juicy, and wiz" I can expect failed relationships and many unexpected kids

But they tell me it's alright as Long as my b**ches love me

and i gotta show out every time I go out

So I'm stuck in between seeking affection and fearing rejection

Bringing me to a surreal reality, where I have to fake the happy me

Cause I'd rather be .... A covered up tragedy

Than to acknowledge my mistakes and try to re-establish the

Real me, the real personality

Forget school, be cool

Or MOB , right?

But how can I be MOB when my money is funny

No job, cause I do poorly, so I embrace a "poor me"

Attitude, with no type of gratitude for the freedom to educate yourself

Without being held back by segregation or societies limitations

See but my concern about what people think of me, really shapes perception of reality

Superficial individuals with conflicted personalities

Teaching people that it's okay to live in life's God forsaken tragedies

See ... and this is a travesty

Because every youth around me seems to count on the

Media, music, & trends

To dictate the type of person they should form within

It's sickening...

How can you be tuned out even when God is ministering

In a church service, where the word is

Made available to those who

Are weak and In need of Jesus

And his love

So you'd rather forsake your salvation all for some faulty validation

From potential delinquents and potential statistics

Kids raising kids, friends faking friends, girls dating men

What is really going on in the minds of youth

When all you do is become engulfed In your twitter

Expressing your bitter

thoughts and feelings about the opposite gender

It's as if we don't remember

How to verbalize our feelings

But instead we bask in our emotions

And become critical and controlling of our boyfriends and girlfriends

Engaging in relationships with no prosper dating tips

Like...number 1

Get to know the person!

Better yet get to know yourself

Because there is a great deal of wealth stored up in a man who knows himself

I could continue to point out the many wrongs

But I believe it's time for society to change it's song

Cause it's been stuck on this played out station for way too long

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True, very nicely written.

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