Go Best Friend

I have this friend that I am useless without.

I know, I know,

Friends are not meant to last forever.

But this one sorta does.

This friend is my distantly close friend.

I know, I know,

Friends are not part time.

But this one was just made that way.

My friend possesses an argumentative view.

I know, I know,

Friends should know to compromise.

But this quality is necessary.

Because this friend is no ordinary friend.

I know, you know,

Friends are very unique.

And this friend’s uniqueness is apart of me.

My very best friend is my confidence.

I am useless without it because I would never be heard if it didn’t exist.

We are distantly close because it isn’t always there but yet I always count on it.

It is very argumentative because it may let my doubts win at times but its faith is stronger.

I couldn’t live without my confidence.

I know, now you know,

My confidence is something that I cherish.

And I will cherish it forever.


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