Rainbow After the Rain


Watch the rain drizzle down
It threatens to ne'er end
But all wounds someday heal
And wings will always mend

Anger likes to fade away
The sun will soon burst through
Past regrets turn to ash
Hope is birthed anew

Sometimes you will wonder
Must I weather this again?
Each time makes you stronger
Just make it to the end

Dry those tears of suffering
Wipe them from your chin

Wounds convert to beauty
If you let forgiveness win

Until the break of dawn

White stars pierce the night

When faith does persevere

Justice wins the fight


Sorrow melts like winter snow

At the touch of pure love

Victory belongs to the right

Whose strength comes from above


A quaking world is not the end

Destruction comes to pass

Every storm clears the air

And brings life to the grass


Stand on the rock that lasts

To end the seething pain

Soon you'll see the truth

A rainbow after the rain


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