It Is Rooted In Your Youth

Question the world around you of the truth

Be the one to ask, be the brave

It is stemmed in your youth

That you are meant to be in this cave

The truth is what to seek

Don’t listen – you aren’t weak


I hear them too. The constant whispers of “You’re weak”

There’s a light, can you see?

Stand up I say to you, my brave

It is rooted in your youth

Be free from this closing cave

Seek the truth


Outside the hole is a truth

You may find hope and faith, just be brave

The chains that link upon your legs

Break them, oh from this cave

It is planted in your youth

That you aren’t meant to seek


Oh, seek the truth

For they are weak

My strong, my brave

It is rooted in your youth,

But you must escape from this cave

And open your eyes and see


The chains upon your legs, can’t you see?

Save yourself

The fire, the flames, the taunting shadows

My strong, my brave

There’s a light

A light, from this small cave


Isolated and hidden, this dark cave

Ever since your youth,

You’ve always been brave.

“The truth! Finally the truth!

I see! I see!"

I am no longer weak.


I am strong, not weak

I am brave

You will see.”

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
Our world


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