Beauty in the Midst of Pain

Mon, 04/29/2013 - 18:14 -- dorianf


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Within the embrace of your arms, you lay your head down,
You cry out, yet there’s no sound,
You search for hope, which you know can only be found from looking up,
Yet your eyes cannot leave the ground,
And hopelessness is the sea in which you drown.

The tears stream your already tear-drenched faced,
Pain is all your soul taste,
You fight to believe in a better day,
But that dream has begun to fade away,
For you remain in tears and sorrow,
With no hope for today, no hope for tomorrow.

But please hold on, the pain will not last long,
For no storm last forever, you will get you through the stormy weather;
You are only going through these rough moments now,
So you can appreciate the more beautiful moments down the road.

Know that everyone has been through something,
Which left them with a broken soul,
But a soul can be pieced together again, if hope is not let go.
I know your soul is broken, but it is not the end,
Though everywhere you turn is a dead-end;
You have to keep turning and never give up,
Remember that a more beautiful moment,
Will come after a moment that is rough.

Never lose hope, believe in a better day,
Lift your soul from the ground,
And keep faith.

Realize that your pain is temporary,
For it can be cured by the medicine of hope;
Therefore, you cannot succumb to giving up,
You must believe through the storm, erase the fear of falling,
And get back on the tightrope.
The thunder and rain will soon be done,
And you will see the most beautiful rainbow,
Along with the most beautiful Son.

The rainbow is the "beauty" in the midst of pain.


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