Drip-drop, drip-drop

My head throbs to the rhythm of the moist cave

Sinking lower into loneliness,

World pushing through my blockade.

Jehovah- Rapha


My faith is cracking as sin’s hold consumes the world

Lord, they disobey

Lord, they mock, and they turn away

Lord, even the rocks plot my end.



The ground breaks open for fear and glory of the King

The trees crash to the ground in honor

The mountain hides its face as the Creator arrives

A fire raises its arms and surrenders before the Almighty



My legs no longer hold my weight

My face consumes the scent of the collapsing ground

Tremor suffocates my every nerve

Anxiety steals my breath as I wait His arrival



Silence breaks

The chaos vanishes

A gentle whisper tip toes

The Lord has come

Jehovah- Shalom


Compassion begins the tune

Patience beats its soft melody

Chords of direction carry the notes

Deliverance concludes



The aroma of the churning soil awakens my senses

Each foot follows God’s unspoken plan

Balance betrays me as a splintery fence becomes support

My glance drifts to the field in preparation



Could this wealthy owner really plow in the mists of field hands?

Just as Moses pasteurized Jethero’s flock, this man’s willingness to work astonishes me.

His spirit quickens my heart

“This is the one”



My cloak flows openly over his shoulders


The plow jumps, as the man’s eyes begin to dance

Hesitation is crushed as commitment is made



Compassion-God heard my cry

Patience- complains distract my obedience

Direction- led me to supernatural peace

Deliverance- “They cry out to me, I will certainly hear”







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