Memorable Medallion

Memorable Medallion


Hail Mary.

Bearing a lily, St. Gabriel does not tarry

With expostulation and adoration

Of the Blessed Virgin.

Ave Maria.

Sede Sapientia,

Out of sight, on the right,

So my medal bears one image and implies the other.

Full of grace.

On my medal, he fills the space,

But I know it does not show

To Whom he bears the lily.

Gratia plena.

She who interceded at Cana

Will intercede for me, as will St. Gabriel whose image I see

On the medal which I wear.

Pray for us.

I bear the image of he whom I trust

As my namesake, and comfort will I take

In him; also in She to whom he bore witness.

Ora pro nobis.

A medal, not trophies

Not won, but freely given upon

When I received my saint.

The Archangel.

He on the left, St. Gabriel,

My patron, and Mary on the right the Matron

Who guards my life.

The medal.

Though in size, small,

It would be great deprivation, a lower station

If I were deserted without it.


I must always sense

On my skin the depiction of my heavenly patron

To remind me to pray.



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