There is nothing more confusing about trying to figure out what is going on with love,

And that it is not always written out in black and white when push comes to shove.

That just when you think it is time to throw in the towel, a mircle occurs,

And that all you have dreamed about can finally be yours. 

Maybe it is me getting my hopes up once again, even though they have let me down so many times,

Because I let the hopeless romantic in me get in the way, and I chose to ignore all of the signs.

Or maybe, I was jumping to conclusions before because I thought it had come to an end,

But maybe I had let go of it too soon, and instead of it ending, it was actually just starting to mend.

Maybe despite what everyone tried to tell me, it was a good thing that I chose not to hear,

Because all they were thinking of was what it could go wrong, and they tried to instill me with that fear.

For them, maybe it is easy to let go of what you truly want, because you are not willing to wait,

But I believe in choosing you own destiny, and I have never really been one who would leave it up to fate.

I know that maybe again I am jumping to conclusions, and that always seems to be my downfall,

But maybe I am finally going in the direction that I want, instead of constantly feeling like I am hitting a wall.

After all this time, I am really hoping that this is going to happen how I planned it would,

Because I always knew that things would turn out exactly as they should.



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I don't know if this is your own experience or if you see love as it is.
For two to combine true love together is not something that happens in an instant. Both have to work together with patience, love, kindness, understanding, trust and so many other interrelationships that binds a couple when there is passion, connection, interests, communication, etc.
Don't put a step ahead if you have not accomplished previous goals, sometimes our expectations devour our hopes and we initiate a downfall.
Nice write and each one of us makes the choice.


Thank you! I completely agree! 

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