Touched by Angels


United States
34° 4' 46.6212" N, 118° 15' 30.636" W

However, I was touch by an angel of strength,
I wandered through my emanate life as though
My praiseful mother, who placed me above her shoulder,
Never taught me more
I am her only, there is no other.
However, I was touch by an angel of light
I reached highest where it all stopped
I blossomed with maturity and refrained from stray.
In a one man show- I managed to entertain
with wisdom and glory, in a newer path of clarity
However, I was touched by an angel of pride
Promising that I will never let anyone subsist,
To place themselves above I, for I am
The one and only, there is no other.
I am anchored with a trophy of pure triumph
Along with pride I am touched by faith,
By hope, and by Allah himself to find my rightful destiny.
I am now with the experience, strive, and sight
To surpass the bad and define the good,
To help others experience a number of blessings...


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